Yes, a large portion of the Event Team only works Football games.

Whether you will be able to see the game or not depends on your position.  When interviewing for a position on the team, you will be asked where you prefer to work.

Yes, the University of Michigan Athletic Department has hosted ICC Soccer matches featuring top soccer clubs and the NHL Winter Classic.

There are also opportunities to work special events hosted at the University of Michigan Athletic facilities. These events include weddings, receptions, banquets, and more.

If you are hired to work as an Event Team Member, you will be provided with a blue polo, baseball hat or visor, a winter hat, and a jacket.

For Special Events and events held in Crisler Center it is common to wear a sweater vest and tie uniform which will be provided if you are scheduled to work.

Parking varies based on the venue and event you are working.  For most events, parking is available in the surrounding lots.

For football games, a shuttle service is provided from Wolverine Tower for working personnel.

It depends on the event.  You will be informed ahead of time if a meal is provided at an event you are working.

During football games, a hot meal is provided to Event Team Members.

During football games we provided helpful hints for all visitors

After going through the hiring process, attending a summer training session is required to work on the Event Team.  At the summer training session, you go through a training PowerPoint and meet with your supervisor and co-workers to learn what happens on a typical game day.

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